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an ISENSEE FILM production, directed by JOCHEN ISENSEE, cinematographer STEFFEN ISENSEE

The civil war and severe human rights violations in South Sudan have been forcing the civilian population to abandon their homes for years. In Uganda, they are no longer being persecuted, but the situation in the refugee camps is still incredibly critical. 

Using personal stories, doctor and filmmaker Jochen Isensee tells an intense story of the future and hope. It seems like these people have no hope: no electricity or running water, or no prospects of job opportunities make a promising future seem out of reach. 

In Europe, the meaning of life is also often questioned – but how much should we be asking about the meaning of life or the meaning of human existence in the face of inhuman circumstances?

These documentary is looking for answers to these questions. But they also raise questions that every person eventually has to ask themselves. Not just African refugees whose fate is hardly noticed by the global community.