Near Death Experiences – not many secrets are yet to be discovered, but human consciousness is one of the last unsolved mysteries of science. But how and why do they occur and what do they mean? With access to informed scientists who might have the key to how and why consciousness exists through their own experiences, Medical Doctor and filmmaker Jochen Isensee follows their stories on a quest to discover the truth behind the enigma of NDEs, using a cinematic approach to tell these deeply touching stories.

INFINITE | internationale Dokumentation | 85min | cinemascope | stereo



Exploring consciousness leads us to consider those states where humans are not able to express themselves but are fully conscious. Scientists are now able to examine so-called Near-Death Experiences (NDE) systematically, with those results having the potential to change our common worldview on life and death as we know it.
Inevitably, we arrive at the question of where consciousness is located. Is it really the brain that triggers these phenomena with certain neurotransmitters while in a state of proven inactivity? Or is it that these kinds of very clear moments of consciousness cannot be explained? In this documentary, those who have experienced near death and scientists with expertise in this field both try to answer these questions.