On 12.11.2013 eazy-entertainment was at Beam-Germany GmbH in Frankfurt. We shot the german part for an international internal campaign. As we had the possibility to  look after a proper lighting durig the shoot and Beam-Germany offered us an interesting setting, we got very excited about the forthcoming color grading after we had finished the shooting. Because all takes were shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera there was no need for big color corrections and we could start right away with our color grading in DaVinci Resolve. We didn’t shoot raw CinemaDNG but ProRes422(HQ) because of the smaller memory requirements and the missing raw-support for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (software version 1.5 implementing the raw-fuction had just been released  on 12.11). So it was even more astonishing how much we were able to do in DaVinci Resolve with ProRes under good lighting conditions. Altogether we decided to use a warm, classic-movie like look, similar to the one used for „Mad Men“. Have a look…  

before grading


after grading