Sony a7s while shooting for Adensio

Adensio On behalf of the consulting agency „Adensio“ from Freiburg/Germany we shot an identity film. With the help of our team and some equipment like the Atomos Shogun, Kessler pocket jib, and a dolly created by ourselves. We exclusively used the Sony A7s during the whole shoot of two days. And for our concerns it was a convincing camera. We had two different locations. One day one we shot at Hellma Analytics in Müllheim/Germany. On day two we went to Kult-Werkstatt in Eiken/Switzerland. In relation to its price the Sony a7s is quite a powerful camera. With the a7s it is possible to record a very flat picture. This fact gives you more options concerning colorgrading and a wider dynamic range. In combination with Atomos Shogun even 4K is possible. (mehr …)

corporate film Dr. Hauss

Imagefilm HaussThe shooting for the corporate film Dr. Hauss was therefore challengig because we filmed with the Blackmagic solely in 2,5K RAW. As we have had good results with the BMCC EF in ProRes (HQ) so far, we were very curious about how much workflow and image quality will change, when we put the Black Magic Cinema Camera to its outer limits.

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