Steffen Isensee – creative producer, CEO

His brothers enthusiasm for movies tapped him. In the middle of his national economy studies he noticed that his strengths are rather located in creative working. The knowledge about marketing and health management learned in his completed studies forms the background for the administration of eazy entertainment. He takes care of our clients and is responsible for all our productions, from coorporate films and commercials up to motion picture projects.


producer, directorJochen Isensee – producer, director

From his passion to tell stories evolved his love to the movies. He founded eazy entertainment already during his medicine studies and in the meantime he is responsible for concepts and stage direction. The development of an idea into a story and the visualization of these emotions in moving images is embraced by his clients. By now, as approved doctor, he has specialized on clients from medicine and healthcare area.The gateway between both professions is the unique feature of eazy entertainment


Although the two brothers Steffen and Jochen Isensee are the founders and creative directors of eazy entertainment, they are relying on their team.
Several specialists work together to excel not only our own requirements, but also the expectations of our customers.